Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Great Dane History

February 1st, 2005 ::

History of the Great Dane

We've continuing adding to our Dog History pages, our recent addition
is our article on the History of the Great Dane.

Here's a brief introduction to our article:

History of Great Dane ::

THE GREAT DANE The origin of the Great Dane, like that of many
other varieties of dogs, is so obscure that all researches have
only resulted in speculative theories, but the undoubted antiquity
of this dog is proved by the fact that representatives of a breed
sufficiently similar to be considered his ancestors are found on
some of the oldest Egyptian monuments.

Click here to read the rest of the article on Great
Dane History
, I hope you enjoy it and check back for more updates.

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Friday, January 21, 2005

Learn About the History of Dogs

January 19th, 2005

Well the new year is already passing quickly and we've got a good start on our Dog History pages.

The history of dogs is often a contorversial subject, we've added an interesting page on America Dog History here.

You'll also find some excellent Dog Breed History pages added to the site as well, here's some that we've added over the last week:

English Mastiff History, a detailed look at the origins of the English Mastiff.

Discover the roots of the English Bulldog History.

The History of the St. Bernard

The complete story of Newfoundland Dog History.

I hope you'll check back frequently as we plan on building a comprehensive resource in our Dog History section with loads of information for the dog lover.

Kind Regards,
John Clifford

Saturday, January 08, 2005

A Guide To Our Website

We thought it would be helpful to provide you with a list of current pages to our website to make it easier to find what you're looking for. We hope you enjoy your time at our website.

Site Map:

Dog Site Map Use this page as a quick reference to all our dog pictures
and dog information.

Submit Your Dogs Picture Here:

Use this page to send us your cute dog pictures.

Dog Breed Pictures: ( Breeds listed in Alphabetical order, click here if you'd prefer to see them listed by AKC Breed Of Dog

Akita Dog Pictures Pictures of the Akita

American Bull Dogs / Bull Dog Photos Dog pictures of the American and Bulldog

American Pitbull Picture Photos received of American Pitbulls.

Australian Cattle Dog Pictures Pictures of Australian Cattle Dogs.

Basset Hound Picture Cute pictures of the adorable Basset Hound.

Boston Terrier Picture The spunky Boston Terrier photo page.

Boxer Dog Picture Picture of on of the most popular dog breeds the 'Boxer'.

Boxer Puppy Pictures A great shot of a litter of Boxer Pups in a wagon, a must see.

Beagle Pictures The howling Beagle picture page.

Black Lab Picture / Chocolate Lab Picture Pictures of the Labrador Retriever.

Bull Terrier Pictures / Miniature Bull Terrier Pictures Photos of rambunctious Bull terrier all
sent in by our viewers.

Chihuahua Dog Pictures / More Chihuahua Pictures The charismatic Chihuahua

Chinese Crested Dog Pictures Photos of the unique and stylish Chinese Crested.

Collie Picture One of my favorites, Collie Dog pictures.

English Springer Spaniel Picture The English Springer Spaniel picture page.

English Bull Dog The original bull dog photo and information page.

French Bull Dogs The english bulldogs smaller cousin, breed photos and information.

German Shepard Picture / Long Haired German Shepard Pictures of the popular German Sheppard both regular and long haired.

Maltese Pictures Maltese information and pictures.

Maltese Puppy Pictures Fluffy Maltese puppy pictures.

Mixed Dog Breed Pictures Mixed Breed Pictures 2 Mixed Breed 3 A wide variety of mixed dog photos sent in by our viewers, unique pictures from some surprising dog marriages.

Newfoundland Dog Pictures Larger than life Newfoundland pictures.

Norwegian Elkhound Picture A unique breed worth having a look at.

Funny Puppy Pictures Everyone loves cute puppy dog pictures...

Pomeranian Dog Pictures The fluffy Pomeranian.

Rottweiler Dog Pictures A wide variety of Rottweiler photos submitted from our viewers.

Saluki Dog Pictures Long and lean Saluki Dog Photos.

Toy Poodle Pictures The smallest of the Poodle family.

Shih Tzu Pictures My own little girl Lucky Ducky.

Yorkshire Terrier Picture / More Yorkie Pictures Great Yorkshire Terrier Pictures.

AKC Dog Groups

AKC Breed of Dog Groups page with links to various breed information and dog breed pictures

Toy Dog Group Information on the Toy Dog Group and which breeds below in it.

Sporting Dog Group A list of dog breeds belonging in the Sporting Dog Group.

Hound Dog Group An introduction to the Hound Group and it's members.

Working Dog Group Find out which Dogs make up the Working Group.

Terrier Breed Group The Feisty Terrier Breed Group.

Non Sporting Group The Non Sporting Group or Utility Group

Herding Dog Group The Herding Dog, man's working class friend.

Miscellaneous Dog Group Miscellaneous Dog Group , the ones that just don't seem to fit, yet.

Mixed Dog Breeds Mixed Dog Breed, beauty or the beast? Many people debate which is better a Mixed Breed or Purebred Dog.

List of Dog Breed Pictures on this site An alphabetical list of the breeds on our site.

Dog Health

Pet Medications Tips on giving your Dog Medication.

Dog Arthritis How you can help your Dog with Arthritis pain.

Dog Insurance Owners now have an opportunity to provide their pets with a higher level of health care.

Dog Supplies

Dog / Pet Supplies Finding great items for your pets has never been easier.

Dog Containment Systems Keeping you best friend safe and sound.

Dog Chew Toys Good for your dogs teeth and it keeps them busy.

Dog House Plans Tips on finding and building the perfect dog house.

Dog Ramps Provide an easier way for our older friends.

Dog Seat Belts Keep your pooch buckled in safe and sound.

PetSmart One of the largest online pet stores.

Pet Meds

Small Dogs

Small Dog Breeds Find out which dogs make up the small dog breed list.

Pictures of Small Dogs / More Small Dog Breed Pictures Great pictures of small dogs submitted by or viewers.

Small Dog Clothing Keep your pint sized pooch toasty warm in bad weather.

Small Dog Sweaters A must have for the chilly canine.

Small Dog Carrier Getting your small dog around safe and sound.

Dog Breed Gifts

Dog Breed Gifts There are many great gift ideas for the dog lover.

Dog T-Shirts Find the perfect Dog T Shirt

Dog Jewelry Dog Jewelry as a gift is the perfect way to a dog lover's heart.

Dog Gift Baskets A dog gift basket a great gift for the dog lover and makes a special treat for your best friend as well.

Dog Tag Jewelry Keep your dog in style and safe at the same time.

Dog Figurines Your favorite dog breed on display.

Dog Christmas Gifts Dog like Christmas too!

Dog Calendars Beautiful dog calendars of all breeds.

Dog Names

Popular Dog Names See which names are top of the list.

Female Dog Names The top names for female dogs.

Male Dog Names Great names for male dogs.

Meaning of Dog Names A great way to research your dog's name.

Dog Articles

Overweight Dogs Facts and advice the dogs with a few extra pounds.

Finding Lost Dogs Tips to help you find your dog.

Pet Therapy Dogs A great story about dogs with jobs.

Dog Fact Articles A list of interesting articles on dogs.

Pet Safety Learn how to protect your pet and prevent them from becoming

Special Dogs Stories from people that have come across special dogs.

America Dog History A brush up on the history of dogs.

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